Marijuana Smoke Contamination Test Kit

Test for Marijuana smoke contamination.

The EMSL Marijuana Smoke contamination Test Kit is designed to test surfaces of your property for residues that may have been previously left behind by prior owners.

The result of this test offers the client valuable information related to the extent of residue left behind (residential, or industrial). These results can be used for cleaning assessment and/or insurance claims.

NOTE: The EMSL Marijuana Smoke Contamination Test Kit is to be used for the detection of Marijuana smoke contamination on a surface. This test kit is a laboratory test and not an on-site residue test kit. Laboratory analysis has been shown to be more sensitive and accurate than instant on-site kits which are known to report false-positive results. This kit is not appropriate for testing personal hair, saliva, urine or perspiration drug testing. Please do not ship the actual marijuana drug, plant, substance, etc. The federal government regulates drugs though the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and classifies marijuana as Schedule I controlled substance. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is charged with enforcing federal drug laws. Shipping of the actual marijuana product is considered illegal and may cause the shipper to be prosecuted under federal law. EMSL cannot accept these shipments if the shipper does not hold a valid DEA license for controlled drug substances (CDS), however EMSL can accept the wipe sample contained in this kit for testing.

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